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Meet the New Alien Circle Member, Orbert

By Jaclyn Parton posted Nov 18, 2020 09:56:10 AM


At CSA, building community is at the core of our mission. Since our beginning in 2009, CSA has been providing a forum through which diverse parties, such as CISOs, security practitioners, students, professors, and all of the cybersecurity professionals in between, from all over the world can work together to create and maintain a trusted cloud ecosystem. Circle came into being as a natural extension of that goal. Circle is CSA’s online community forum platform where you can connect with peers and industry leaders. An online corner focused on security, free from the noise of other social platforms and free for anyone to use, anywhere around the world.

The platform has been a vision of CSA CEO Jim Reavis for quite some time. He says, “Cybersecurity is on the verge or a new epoch. Pervasive technology in new forms is coming at us in waves. 5G, AI, Quantum and the possibility of virtually every physical item having some sort of microprocessor will be challenging cybersecurity. Cloud, of course, is foundational to all of these innovations. The success of this new epoch of cybersecurity is going to be dependent upon the people who choose to be in this industry. This is why I am long on Circle. Cybersecurity professionals need to master new knowledge domains faster than ever and they need to share experiences more broadly than ever. At CSA we have established Circle to be the community platform for cybersecurity. We have a lot of work to do to make this platform equal to our aspirations and we are committed to continuing to invest in Circle, to make it easier to use, more relevant to your job, and to surface key insights as you need them. Your engagement is creating a cybersecurity network effect, which will be the catalyst to your success and ours. Let’s make Circle the largest, most vital cybersecurity community in the world.”

The need for an open cybersecurity community is more pertinent than ever since the surprising end of Peerlyst in late August. Since Circle’s inception (early March 2019) we have seen continued growth in members and some amazing contributions to the discussion platform. From discussions around new research initiatives and pressing security issues, to light-hearted introductions, the Inner Circle community has become the place for all platform members to connect about anything on their minds. Sometimes the most unlikely posts see the most discussion. And if a community does not exist yet for a topic that you think should, you can create it by emailing CSA with your request.

What makes Circle unique from other online communities?

Circle is a user-owned space set up for collaboration, creativity and connection. As a vendor-neutral nonprofit organization, we believe that we have the power to bring folks together for the common good of the security community and we welcome you to join us in this mission.

Our research working groups use Circle as their virtual hub for collaborating on the documents you see published on our website. Any cybersecurity professional can be a part of the research on topics like Artificial intelligence, Top Threats to Cloud Computing, DevSecOps, Blockchain/DLT Framework, Internet of Things and so many more. Check out the full list here.

You can also use the platform to connect with a local CSA Chapter or if you are a CSA Corporate member you can be a part of CSA’s corporate member communities. We even have a community around Design in Security, where people can discuss the intricacies and challenges of designing content for the cyber security industry. Look for your next job or share your company’s available positions in the Job Board or continue your professional development by connecting with our training communities. The possibilities are really endless. And if you see an opportunity to enhance Circle, please reach out. We want this space to flourish and your ideas can make it better!

Meet Orbert, Your Guide to Circle

As you navigate through Circle you’ll notice Orbert helping you through the platform. Orbert is our Alien friend and guide to all things Circle. The idea to create Orbert came from me, the behind-the-scenes Circle facilitator, and was brought to life by CSA Designer, AnnMarie Ulsky. Our hope is that Orbert will be able to help all security professionals navigate through the platform and provide support when it’s needed.

Here’s the origin story for how Orbert found the way to Circle!


There was a security breach on Obert’s home planet, Crystal Ball Nebula (NGC 1514). Something sinister was stealing everyone’s information. Orbert fought off the data-stealing monster but ended up being the lone survivor. After this attack, it became Orbert's mission to protect other planets from similar attacks. Orbert has traveled the galaxy helping planets in similar despair and during which, realized that the best way to defend against the attack of one’s personal information is to form a community and work together to keep the world safe from cyber threats. From this idea Circle came into existence. Orbert guides users through the platform connecting people and facilitating conversation around any cybersecurity topic under the stars.

We hope you’ll connect with Orbert on Circle and tell us what you think of the Alien friend.

Join Circle now!

Now is your chance to join a global community that facilitates resources and security discussion within a diverse group of CSA partners. You can join in CSA’s research initiatives, connect with a local chapter, ask authorized trainers about educational opportunities, stay up to date with your CSA member benefits, and build your thought leadership and reputation with innovative discussion posts. See you in there!

Need help creating an account? Read the Circle Getting Started Guide.

Still not finding what you are looking for? Check out the Circle FAQ page

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