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Advanced Pishing

  • 1.  Advanced Pishing

    Posted 11 days ago
    Hello and thank you for including me in Circle!  I am located in the SF Bay Area but work for a software company HQ'ed in Atlanta and Tel Aviv.  We're helping companies defend against the latest advanced phishing attacks such as impersonation attempts, business email compromise, spear phishing, account takeover, credential harvesting, etc.  I'm curious, are your organizations relying solely on security awareness and training or do you have some technical controls in place like a secure email gateway, both, or neither?

    Alexander Oddo
    Sales Director

  • 2.  RE: Advanced Pishing

    Posted 8 days ago
    No actually not - we are immune to phishing (and a lot of other TTPs) ... or let me put it in another way, phishing wont have an impact on our business - as we have no credentials you can use for anything. I can give you my login and password ... I can even give you the Virtual Private Connectivity (Agent) solution I use to get access to my IT-resources ... and you would never be able to logon or get access as me. Lets just say we have a different perspective on what security really is. It is to protect your crown jewels, with guards, barbwire, CCTV, armor, weapons etc. (costly) ... or is it to make you crown jewels absolutely impossible to find (get access to). Cheers :-)

    Niels E. Anqvist