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Companies responsibilities and government´s help - what comes first

  • 1.  Companies responsibilities and government´s help - what comes first

    Posted 29 days ago
    Edited by Uilson Souza 29 days ago

    An article I´ve read a couple of weeks ago at CSO Online caught my attention due the claim from several great CISO´s at United States. After lots of ransomware attacks occurred in these last days, the US Government was mentioned in order to provide help and a kind of "definitive solution" for the problem.

    Reading the article, I´ve seen they really know about their responsibilities on providing the best cybersecurity protection inside their corporations, but, mainly due the foreign attacks, a special help from government would be appreciated in their opinion. However, they couldn´t explain in what point government should help.

    I´m not intended to criticize the views of these professionals. I´m particularly an admirer of all the interviewed ones, but, if there´s no measure on the boundaries for what is my obligation and what ´s expected from the government, how to figure out a strategy strong enough to guarantee the business continuity? From what point the government action will be requested?

    Please, let me know your thoughts.


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