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invitation to AWS security study – Guidelines evaluation

  • 1.  invitation to AWS security study – Guidelines evaluation

    Posted 15 days ago
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    Dear CSA community.

    I invite you to participate in an interview and evaluate:
    "AWS security guidelines: for professionals switching from traditional datacentres to AWS".

    These guidelines are the outcome of my postgraduate research at the University of Liverpool titled:
    "AWS is not a datacentre: a guide for security operations in Amazon Web Services".

    I hope that my research and practical advises for security operations in AWS could be helpful later for joined efforts of Cloud Security Alliance. While the University did not yet grade the dissertation paper, I could only share the guideline with interview participants.

    I'm seeking participants with a security engineering background in traditional datacentres and AWS. Potential interviewees should have some technical experience in AWS, network security, access control management, change management and security operations in both types of datacentres.

    With your rich engineering and cloud security experience, you can accurately evaluate the resulting guidelines from all perspectives.

    If you are interested in the research and the guideline, please look into the attached participant information sheet and respond to me here or by email
    [email protected]

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,
    Dmitrijs Mohoviks

    Dmitrijs Mohoviks
    Head of Security Operations