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2021 PODCAST Series Schedule Underway

  • 1.  2021 PODCAST Series Schedule Underway

    Posted 23 days ago
    Hello and Happy New Year.

    We are in the midst of the 2021 CSA Security Update series scheduling and looking for interesting people to interview.

    If you are a CSA Member that has successfully implemented the CCM within the STAR Program or has a case study / use case you would like to share, please let me know so we can discuss the possibility of you or one of your organizational leadership becoming a guest on my show.

    The CSA Security Update started in 2019 and has a great following with listeners and followers is virtually every continent in the world.

    CSA STAR is the industry's most powerful program for security assurance in the cloud. The Security Trust Assurance and Risk (STAR) Program encompasses key principles of transparency, rigorous auditing, and harmonization of standards. Companies that use STAR indicate best practices and validate the security posture of their cloud offerings. This podcast series explores CSA STAR as well as CSA best practices and research along with associated technologies and tools.

    This is a great way to share your thoughts and expertise as well as showcase your organization.

    Please contact me directly for more details. You can also review and listen to some of our past PODCASTS Here
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