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Event - Hosted by Fugue | A Live Demo of Cloud Misconfiguration Hacks and How to Avoid Them

  • 1.  Event - Hosted by Fugue | A Live Demo of Cloud Misconfiguration Hacks and How to Avoid Them

    Posted Mar 07, 2021 07:55:00 PM
    Join Fugue & CSA NTX | Austin Chapters for live demo of cloud misconfiguration hacks & how to avoid them. Stay for networking chat!

    About this Event

    The leading cause of data breaches in the cloud aren't application or OS vulnerabilities--it's cloud misconfiguration. Neil MacDonald from Gartner recently said "nearly all successful attacks on cloud services are the result of customer misconfiguration, mismanagement and mistakes."

    Unfortunately, these mistakes are easy to make and extraordinarily common in enterprise cloud environments. We've moved beyond simple "misconfigured S3 bucket" incidents and into more advanced attacks that exploit a series of common cloud misconfiguration vulnerabilities--many of which are often missed or not even categorized as misconfigurations by security teams.

    Cloud misconfigurations have provided hackers with new attack vectors, and changed the way they operate. Before, hackers would target an organization and then search for vulnerabilities to exploit. With cloud, hackers use automation to scan the internet for cloud misconfigurations and quickly choose which organization(s) to attack.

    In this masterclass, Josh Stella, co-founder and CEO of Fugue, will walk through a live demonstration of:

    1. How hackers take advantage of common cloud misconfigurations to gain access to environments, move laterally, and extract sensitive data.

    2. How to evaluate your cloud environment to identify where and how you're vulnerable to such attack vectors

    3. Simple steps you can take now to improve your cloud security posture and prevent similar attacks

    Speaker: Josh Stella is co-founder, CTO, and CEO of Fugue, the cloud security and compliance company. Through Fugue's masterclasses, Josh educates cloud security professionals about cloud security exploits and how to protect cloud infrastructure from bad actors. Josh demonstrates his skills as a white hat hacker. Previously, Josh was a Principal Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS), where he supported customers in the area of national security. Josh also served as CTO for a technology startup and in numerous other IT leadership and technical roles over the past 25 years.

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