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Wading through the Cyberscape

  • 1.  Wading through the Cyberscape

    Posted Dec 22, 2020 03:07:00 PM

    Hello friends, 

    Was hoping to get some opinions from this audience on cybersecurity companies/products that have left all of your senses satisfied. Looking over Momentum Cyber CYBER Scape the landscape is vast, with platform to niche players all trying to get our attention. Needless to say, it's overwhelming.  

    I have been trying to narrow down the characteristics of an iconic company/product in the cybersecurity community but have largely fallen short of being able to synthesize core themes. Because this audience is way smarter than I am, I was hoping to solicit your feedback.  

    If you could provide any information on companies/product you really like and what makes them special, I would really appreciate it.  I am hoping this feedback will not only be helpful for me but also our larger audience.  

    In solidarity,

    Ian Sharpe

  • 2.  RE: Wading through the Cyberscape

    Posted Dec 23, 2020 07:25:00 AM

    Hi  @Ian Sharpe!

    I hope you are doing well today!

    First off, thanks for posting on Cloud Security Alliance and reaching us about our Global Opinion around Cyber Security.

    Secondly, you are part of the audience, so you are in the "Smarter Zone", I reassure you, you are Safe here! :)  --> (Never under valuate yourself)

    Just to open up the discussion, I will start with theses organisation here following my experience so far:

    Microsoft Security and Compliance 

    (You might need to login to see this page) What I like from Microsoft Security is, you are getting different level of Security, Basic Security, Advance Security and Advance Security level 2 and 3+ witch is really great when you have an organisation to manage and need different access level or access zone with or without restriction. Basically, you get a full protection package here, not speaking about a price in particular here, but just an overall idea.


    What I like from Cybrary is you can make many advance Lab test and see by yourself what would be the main failure from an organisation or business. From there, you can leverage the cyber risk while using prevention to protect your precious assets. Cybrary also offer many certifications, for free, each months, but also a paid subscription. (Not doing any promotion here just to mention some juicy details) 

    Amazon Web Services AWS

    Here you get almost any protection you need, with a great interface,  2FA protection, Advance protection, details, graphics and so on. Of course, here also, you are getting many option to subscribe to, some are free while some are Paid-To-Go. 

    What I like from there, is that you can make many test in some private instance or Cluster, making sure you are getting a secured node to proceed on the Main net eventually. 

    And there is AURA

    Actually, I am currently building up AURA.

    AURA is a Self authentification application with Fingerprint ID and Natural Language Processing. Basically, you will say your name and your voice will activate a security layer protection, then with your Fingerprint, you will confirm your identity. This, will make things easier for many applications, cooperation in-between organisation and apps and dapps.  More to come!

    Like you said, there is many pros and cons, depending on your roadmap and your goals, there is quite a few projects here and there available right now. 

    I hope this will help you! Best Regards!

    Armand Brunelle - Research and Development
    Data Scientist - Cloud Architect