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Virtual EU Summit_Continuous Audit-based Certification

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    Posted 22 days ago
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    Day 1: Cloud Security Certification

    View the webinar on demand here: Cloud Security Alliance's Virtual EU Summit

    Speaker: Alain Pannetrat, 
    Senior Researcher, Cloud Security Alliance

    Abstract: Certifications or attestations championed through the CSA STAR program, ISO/IEC, or AICPA, have been a critical driver in the adoption of cloud service across the globe. However, for some cloud customers in sensitive or highly-regulated industries such as banking or healthcare, these certifications or attestations are not sufficient because they do not provide a continuous level of assurance as they rely on annual or bi-annual audits only.

    To address the concerns of this segment of the industry, the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) is building a continuous auditing framework designed to provide assurance to customers on a monthly, daily, or even hourly basis. This framework can be applied either to self-assessments or third-party certifications.

    Carolina Ozan
    EMEA Marketing Manager
    Cloud Security Alliance