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Virtual EU Summit_Risk Management and Governance

  • 1.  Virtual EU Summit_Risk Management and Governance

    Posted 22 days ago
    Day 2: Risk Management and Governance

    View the webinar on demand here:
    Cloud Security Alliance's Virtual EU Summit

    Speakers: Craig Balding, Independent Cyber Security Consultant
    David Frei, Vice President, Capital One Audit
    Steven Mezzio, Director, Lubin School of Business Center for Excellence in Financial Reporting
    Moderator: Daniele Catteddu, CTO, Cloud Security Alliance

    Panel discussion: The rapid growth in both scope and market share, combined with the inherent complexity of cloud computing, appear to be straining the capabilities of existing governance and risk management approaches. As users, and the uses of cloud computing evolve, so must the supporting governance models. This includes the maturation of governance and risk management programs, and the evolution of the skills and expertise of the IT and Security professionals.

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    Carolina Ozan
    EMEA Marketing Manager
    Cloud Security Alliance