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ENISA Qualified Trust Service Providers - Conformity Assessment and Recommendations

  • 1.  ENISA Qualified Trust Service Providers - Conformity Assessment and Recommendations

    Posted Mar 14, 2021 06:02:00 AM
    Hi All,

    ENISA has just issued the following:

    ENISA Report - Recommendations for QTSPs based on Standards

    This document provides recommendations to help qualified trust service providers and auditors understand the expected mapping between these requirements/obligations and reference numbers of standards, as well as practical recommendations for their usage. The document is structured in two main sections: 1) A section on "Requirements common to all QTSPs" that includes recommendations on the requirements common to all TSPs and on the additional requirements common to all QTSPs; 2) A section on "Requirements for provision of specific QTS", to be used in addition to the above, that includes specific recommendations for the provision of the qualified trust services defined in eIDAS.

    ENISA Report - Conformity Assessment of Qualified Trust Service Providers
    This document provides an overview of the conformity assessment framework for QTSPs as set out in the eIDAS Regulation, i.e. aiming to confirm that the assessed QTSP/QTS fulfills its requirements. This report discusses the typical process flow and the methodology used to perform conformity assessments. For each phase of the assessment, guidance is provided to QTSPs for the purpose of preparing and undertaking the conformity assessment, as required by the eIDAS Regulation, in the best possible conditions.

    These are companion documents to the ones I posted 3 days ago:
    1. ENISA Security Framework for Trust Service Providers
    2. ENISA Security Framework for Qualified Trust Providers

    Michael Roza CPA, CISA, CIA, MBA, Exec MBA