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CCM/CAIQ Clarification of Questions

  • 1.  CCM/CAIQ Clarification of Questions

    Posted 17 days ago
    Hi everyone,

    I use a version of the CAIQ as a questionnaire for our internal teams and sometimes they ask for clarification on questions that they are not entirely sure of what is being asked. Is there a document that describes the intent or provides a bit more clarity/background on the questions that I can reference when questions arise?


    Dave Naples
    SaaS Risk Management Lead

  • 2.  RE: CCM/CAIQ Clarification of Questions

    CSA Instructor
    Posted 3 days ago
    Hi Dave.
    Great question.
    There is a community on Circle that is planned to be dedicated to these types of questions.

    It is the
    CCM and CAIQ User Group

    I invite you to ask a specific question there, preferable with the name of the control and the CCM version in the subject.
    Sometimes the answer is found in the guidance, but in any case we'd like to invite practitioners to comment on those questions, and discuss actual use cases.

    Note that CCM4 has more implementation guidelines coming up.
    CU there.

    Peter HJ van Eijk
    CCSK & CCAK trainer