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Calling all Security Teams, I want your thoughts!

  • 1.  Calling all Security Teams, I want your thoughts!

    Posted Sep 17, 2020 11:28:00 AM
    Came across this post the other day and thought it was interesting so wanted to share here. Have you noticed the same trends in your organizations? What have you done to address it? Would love to hear your thoughts and start a discussion.

    "The picture of CISO roles and security practices still operating bottom up, disconnected from the dynamics of the business: When asked which concerns most affect their ability to deliver against objectives, 49% mention the culture of the organization (as if they were not part of it), 36%, the speed of business change (as if it was happening all around them but without them), 33%, the level of board support (although in response to another question, 58% say they would like to report to board level…)."

    Tom Schmitt posted on LinkedIn
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    Tom Schmitt posted on LinkedIn
    Cybersecurity and the #culture of alienation by JC Gaillard...
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