Quantum-Safe Security

  • 1.  Meeting Minutes - Nov 10

    Posted Nov 10, 2020 08:39:00 AM
    • CSA Announcements
    • Document Updates
      • Cryptanalysis Survey and Blockchain/Quantum next steps
        • Move both documents to copy edit and graphic design
        • Next steps work on blogs and slides
      • Survey Report
        • First draft sent to Bruno
        • Need volunteer to assist with that (Roberta, Ludovic, and Bruno to touch base on next steps)
        • Ludovic to send latest version
      • Quantum/IoT - update on next call, lead unavailable
    • Update on NIST
      • New attack; Need to fine new parameters
        • More scrutiny now that the field has narrowed
      • No update on China's competition/progress
      • Discuss the Framework for Provably Quantum-Secure Hybrid Key Exchange
    • Discuss next time:

    Hillary Baron CCSK v4
    Program Manager, Research
    Seattle WA