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Federal Summit Webinar Series

  • 1.  Federal Summit Webinar Series

    Posted Jun 29, 2020 11:12:00 AM

    Did you know that we hosted an in-person Federal Summit last week?  We may be the only in-person security event since March.  If you find one that was hosted in-person since March, we would love to know.

    Starting small, we ventured back into in-person events and followed all social distancing guidelines (as you can see each table only 1 seat), provided mask, and hand sanitizer.   Though it was a small gathering, the content was excellent and we wanted to be sure to get the information out to everyone.   Please check out our  Federal Summit Webinar Series.  We will be adding additional content soon!

    If you were in attendance, what are your thoughts on getting back to an in-person event?  The content?

    Melisa Williams
    Event Manager
    Cloud Security Alliance

  • 2.  RE: Federal Summit Webinar Series

    Posted Jun 29, 2020 02:19:00 PM
    @Kari Ritacco Walker what did you think? ​

    Jaclyn Parton
    Marketing Coordinator
    Cloud Security Alliance
    Bellingham WA

  • 3.  RE: Federal Summit Webinar Series

    Posted Jul 02, 2020 11:36:00 AM
    GREAT Content...just low attendance

    Kari Ritacco Walker
    ZAG Communications