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  • Hey everyone! CSA's Chief Customer Officer, J.R. Santos, wrote this great blog about the various aspects and benefits of the STAR program - including boosting confidence in cloud security, enhancing cloud risk management, navigating industry standards, ...

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  • Dear members, Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and the Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) WG would like to invite cloud organizations and cloud security experts to participate in the review of the "Draft" version of the CCM V4 control ownership & ...

  • Likewise, thnak you. ------------------------------ Victor Williams Certificate Holder NIST ------------------------------

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    Happy Towel Day! ------------------------------ Alex Sharpe Principal Sharpe42 [email protected] Co-Chair Philosophy ...

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  • We're about to adopt NIS CAF, which maps nicely to the the NIST Framework. I'm told many health services are adopting this approach. ------------------------------ Paul Wright Genomics England Ltd Genomics England Ltd ----------------------------- ...

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