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5G ACIA Industrial 5G Devices – Architecture and Capabilities

  • 1.  5G ACIA Industrial 5G Devices – Architecture and Capabilities

    Posted Nov 25, 2022 04:33:00 AM
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    Hi All,

    5G ACIA published Industrial 5G Devices – Architecture and Capabilities

    This document provides an overview of the kinds of devices that can be needed for 5G to benefit the manufacturing industry and related sectors. As 5G
    systems are implemented in factories and other settings, attention is increasingly shifting to designing devices that will let them work on the shop floor. A whole new
    generation of 5G-compatible devices is now being developed. This paper provides an introduction and practical guide to this field for anyone directly or indirectly
    involved in it, whether they are academics, manufacturers, factory owners or operators, designers, or engineers. Its main purpose is to provide an easy-to-read overview of the
    various categories of devices and solutions that are now appearing while going into greater technical detail on key technical topics and design issues.

    The main types of 5G devices are presented and described, and a number of real-world examples are discussed while describing the most important technical issues, challenges, and solutions involved in each case. On a more theoretical level, reference architectures are then presented for the most common types of industrial 5G devices, including generic block diagrams.

    Finally, various aspects of the physical architecture of such devices are discussed, covering challenges such as explosion protection, storage of credentials, the pros and cons of
    chipset versus module solutions, radio module form factor standards, a comparison of standalone and integrated application processors, and implementation of interfaces.

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