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Next G Alliance (NGA) 6G AI-Native Wireless Networks

  • 1.  Next G Alliance (NGA) 6G AI-Native Wireless Networks

    Posted Apr 07, 2023 09:27:00 AM
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    Hi All,

    ATIS' Next G Alliance (NGA) announced the publication of a new report, AI-Native Wireless Networks. This reports addresses one of the "Six Audacious Goals" set forth in the NGA Roadmap to 6G, the foundation of the NGA's vision for North American 6G leadership in 6G and beyond.

    Native support of artificial intelligence (AI) is projected to be one of the major features of the next-generation wireless network. In addition to being woven into the NGA mission, as is sustainability, AI-native networks are one of NGA's research priorities that will require strong collaboration among industry, government, and academia. This work is meant to identify driving forces, technical challenges, and research directions. The initial application of AI/ML (machine learning) to wireless networks began with 5G. However, its application in 6G will be more real-time, increasingly comprehensive, and seamlessly integrated into the design of the wireless system. The AI-Native Wireless Networks white paper surveys the research and technology directions required to make the vision of an AI-native wireless network a reality. 

    Michael Roza CPA, CISA, CIA, CC, MBA, Exec MBA