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NSA Cybersecurity Year in Review 2022

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    Posted Dec 16, 2022 01:18:00 AM
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    Hi All,

    The NSA just published NSA Cybersecurity Year in Review 2022

    The National Security Agency (NSA) and its predecessors
    have been protecting the United States' most sensitive
    information since World War II. As communication technology
    and information technology has advanced - creating a
    a more interconnected world with an increasing number of
    threats - NSA's mission has expanded, and it has embraced
    new responsibilities and operational authorities to ensure our
    networks remain secure.

    Today, NSA's cybersecurity mission integrates its cryptographic
    expertise, signals intelligence, vulnerability analysis, defensive
    operations, and more to prevent and eradicate cyber threats to:

    Networks that contain classified information or
    are otherwise critical to the United States military and
    intelligence activities. It is vital that these networks
    remain secure to ensure the mission readiness of the U.S.
    warfighting capabilities, as well as protecting the nation's
    most sensitive information.

    U.S. military services and combatant commands, as well
    as U.S. government agencies and departments related
    to national security.

    Companies that design, develop, operate, and maintain
    the Department of Defense's critical systems, platforms,
    and technologies required to defend the nation.
    If these networks are at risk, so is the U.S.
    While much of the critical work NSA does to secure
    the nation cannot be publicly disclosed. This year in
    review shares a wealth of information on cybersecurity
    efforts that have better equipped the U.S. to defend
    against the highest priority cyber threats. Visit NSA.
    gov/cybersecurity to access the report digitally. Provide
    NSA Cybersecurity with feedback or ask questions by
    emailing [email protected].

    Michael Roza CPA, CISA, CIA, CC, MBA, Exec MBA