Threat Hunting with RSA - Heads up and Hands on 2.0

When:  Nov 10, 2020 from 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM (CT)
Acquiring real-world skills means training with real-world scenarios. In RSA’s “Heads Up, Hands On 2.0” we’ll discuss the why, where, and how of threat hunting with some of RSA’s seasoned hunters. Logs? Packets? Endpoints? We’ll leave no stone unturned as we track the movements of an attacker from cloud to corporate as they use techniques being employed in the wild.

FREE EVENT - This virtual workshop will cut through the nonsense and, not only give you the knowledge of why threat hunting should be a part of your security program, but how you can start making changes to make a real impact to your organization, now.

  • First, our experts will give you an introduction to threat hunting while walking you through various threat hunting methodologies.  We'll discuss tactics and techniques used by world class hunters around the globe and give you the building blocks to start your analysts on the road to becoming threat hunters, regardless of skill level. 
  • Then, we’ll let you take things into your own hands with multi-stage "hands on" scenarios that will allow you to apply some of the techniques discussed during the session. Don’t sweat it if you feel overwhelmed.  Our experts will be on hand to help you through the details, so everyone walks away with a solid grasp of the value of the hunt.
  • Your final challenge will be to test your skills with a remote exercise that you’ll have 72 hours to complete.  You’ll be competing against other workshop participants for CPE credits, the opportunity to win a prize, and the title of “Threat Hunter”


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