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  • The report would be valid for the period indicated (as you noted above). We need to typically check if the report has an 'unqualified opinion' from the auditors. If this is not the case, you would need to explore the reasons for the same. And on the Bridge ...

  • Call to action : Analysis of the survey results will inform the Financial Services working group and provide actionable items to address the concerns and opportunities associated with cloud computing and financial services. The Financial ...

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    Dear members, Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Below you can find the details from our 18th November working group call: Regarding the ' NIST 800-53 controls implementation to FaaS ' document progress: We are in the final line for ...

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    I copy and pasted, in case others had any issues: Are You Taking on Too Many Non-Promotable Tasks? Summary. Though non-promotable tasks (NPTs) are often crucial to an organization's success, they rarely contribute to an ...

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    It's here! Like a freshly delivered Little Nero's plain cheese pizza, Cyber Monday has arrived to give you the fuel you need to defend your cloud. Today only, CSA is offering 50% off all online training in the Knowledge Center . Thirsty for more? ...

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