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    Healthcare organizations continue to integrate connected medical devices within their networks, opening new attack vectors that can be exploited through weaknesses in medical devices themselves. This is why CSA's IoT Working Group has just released the ...

  • Hello ZTA/SDP colleagues, We're looking to set up a new SDP lab environment - just curious to hear if there have been any recent deployments. Specifically, I'd like to know if the GitHub repo for the Waverly Labs SDP implementation is still being maintained: ...

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    Agenda for today's call

    Hi, Below the agenda for today's call: Start work on new document called:" Recommendations for using a Customer Controlled Key Store " Document the items that we agree are specifically considerations necessary for the new document's focus Discussion ...

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    RE: CCAK Trainer

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    Thank you for the information. Most probably I will buy the online self study course. For the exam I will take a look on the bank of questions. I appreciate your advice Regards Suha

  • Moshe FERBER (Chair, CSA Israel Chapter) will speak on​ " Cloud Security for Startups - From A to E(xit)." Cloud computing performs amazing things for startups, providing young companies with access to enterprise grade infrastructure. But it is also ...

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