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    OPEN PEER REVIEW:  The Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) is a cybersecurity control framework for cloud computing aligned to the Security Guidance v.4, that is considered the de-facto standard for cloud security assurance and compliance. The CCM v.4 constitutes a significant upgrade to the previous version (v3.0.1) by introducing changes in structure of the framework with a new domain dedicated to Log and Monitoring (LOG), and modifications in the existing ones (GCR, A&A, UEM, CEK). This update will ...

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    Hi there, Working on finance institution, major topic is the handling of sensitive data off-premises in shared responsibilities models, thus addressing technological topics such; - new encryption models to provide full control to the customer and prohibiting ...

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    Becca could not find you on Linked in.  If you can connect with me here, i would very much appreciate it. https://www.linkedin.com/in/craigunger/ Thanks, ------------------------------ Craig Unger CEO Hyperproof ------------------------------

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    Weekly Cloud and Security Watch Newsletter - September 7th to 13th, 2020 ________________________________________ Full Newsletter with links ⇒ CloudSecurityAlliance.fr/go/K9D/ ________________________________________ 1 - CSA News and ...

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    Came across this post the other day and thought it was interesting so wanted to share here. Have you noticed the same trends in your organizations? What have you done to address it? Would love to hear your thoughts and start a discussion. " The picture ...

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    I am looking for well-qualified cloud strategists to participate in a research study of the impacts of cloud virtualization on enterprise performance. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/research-participants-needed-joshua-a-bullard Linkedin ...

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