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    (note: typo in the subject line: the meeting was September 22 ) Hi folks - a quick recap from our working session last Thursday, September 22 Intros and welcome to new members Recap of where we are in this workstream - we are defining the abstract, ...

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    Hi Philip .. huge thanks for clarification - much appreciated and I can sincerely say I appreciate OpenZiti is not matching Zscalers business model :-) The rest in your post - I can certainly say you're more in the direction of what we do in a "Cyber-security ...

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    CSA is excited to launch the Trusted Cloud Consultant (TCC) Program! This program is designed to connect enterprise organizations with qualified professional consulting services. The TCC Program allows cybersecurity consulting organizations and professionals ...

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  • Dear members, Here are the main topics discussed on our working group's call on the 14th of September. Discussion on the new candidates for co-chair . Discussion on the topics for a survey on the next step by the working group. Excel document ...

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  • The panel discussion on "Implications of the Malaysian PDPA for Enterprise Cloud Users" will be moderated by Ferdinand FONG (Chair, CSA Sarawak Chapter). The panellists are: Marcus TAN (Managing Director, Marcus Tan & CO, Advocates & Solicitors), & Philip ...

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