June Chapter Meeting - Uncommon Security Controls for Cloud Deployments

When:  Jun 14, 2022 from 03:00:00 PM to 04:00:00 PM (PT)
Associated with  NE Ohio Chapter

Details - Uncommon Security Controls for Cloud Deployments
Speaker: Brent Huston from MicroSolved, Security Evangelist & CEO

Session Abstract:
Tired of the same old discussions about the cloud? No problem, this won’t be like that. In this talk, Brent Huston (@lbhuston) will briefly cover some of the most powerful security controls that we don’t hear a lot about. We’ll explain a few of the controls, give some quick stories about them and then open things up for an extended Q&A. Expect a quick TED-style talk about the controls, and then we can dig into stories, questions, discussing the issues you and your team face and more. Consider this your ask-me-anything session with a 30+ year security professional, entrepreneur, researcher, and semi-professional beach bum.

Speaker bio:
Serial entrepreneur, advisor, inventor & futurist with a focus on information security, crime, fraud & industrial espionage. Interested in the impacts of technology across these activities. Frequent author, speaker and teacher on technology-related risk & cyber-crime topics.
I am an expert-level security & criminal researcher with a history of innovative approaches, responsible disclosure, rational control development & substantial findings. I have world-class experience with IoT, ICS/SCADA, utility & critical networks including threat modeling, segmentation, pen-testing, protocol/process/business logic weaknesses & incident response. My deep knowledge areas include application security, fuzzing, honeypots, open source intelligence & attacker deception/tampering.

To date, I have brought more than a dozen technology products to market & hold two US patents. I act as an advisor, mentor & investor in multiple technology companies around the world. I've reviewed hundreds of products for security & scalability, prepped many entrepreneurs for funding & performed market & trend analysis for several highly recognizable brands & product companies.

My background includes educating boards about risk management & technology issues, mentoring executives/regulators & working as a part of a US Congressional Oversight Committee task force. I am also a BBB Torch Award, US DOE Gold Medal & ISC2 Lifetime Community Service award winner. I serve as a member of ISACA, Infragard & ISSA, where I am a Senior Member.

I am currently experimenting heavily with dark market economics, machine learning & analytics (primarily focused on natural language processing), IoT security, blockchain impacts, threat intelligence and a wide range of security automation techniques. In addition, I lead a team focused on researching "machine assisted learning", which is a new approach for rapid skills acquisition.