Building Business Resiliency in the Cloud

When:  Jun 22, 2023 from 05:30:00 PM to 08:00:00 PM (ET)

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Topic: Building Business Resiliency in the Cloud 

Summary: Cyber Security + Data Management = Business Resilience
In today's digitally driven world you often hear people say that “data is the new oil” or “data is the new gold”. It's a great way to express that it's super important and you really can't conduct normal business operations without it. With data being so important to business operations you have to be resilient. Not just to external cyberattacks but natural disasters, insider threat and configuration mistakes. Resiliency requires having the right tools and processes in place to protect the data but you also require an in-depth business understanding of what the data is doing for your business and where critical data is stored. This means that security and data management operations can no longer operate in silos from one another. They have to talk across the aisle, share information and have an in-depth understanding on how each plays the business or business resiliency.

Speaker: Ron Nixon has over 30 years of operational and technical leadership in IT and Cybersecurity. He currently serves as a Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer for the Federal business unit at Cohesity where he supports sales, engineering and product development efforts. Prior to being at Cohesity he served as the VP for Sales and Customer support at Polyverse, a Seattle based cybersecurity startup. He has also served as both the Chief Technology Officer for the Army business unit and the Division Lead for Cybersecurity, Defense Division of General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) where he supported over 200 operational programs, strategic growth efforts and the application of technical talent and technology, he consistently advises on cybersecurity and communications, infrastructure security and network operations to senior officers and executives for the Army, other DoD Agencies, and corporate level executives. His extensive experience has enabled him to provide strategic alignment of people, processes, and technology to meet business and customer goals of organizations ranging from large 1,000,000+ customer environments to small tactical teams working in austere remote locations


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