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Looking for a Cloud Risk Analyst

  • 1.  Looking for a Cloud Risk Analyst

    Posted Jan 11, 2022 12:18:00 PM
    Good Morning! 

    I am new to CSA and in desperate need of a skilled Cloud Risk Analyst for my Cybersecurity Team.  I apologize if this is not the right channel to post this information.  Please let me know so I can work with all of you most productively. 

    If it is the right channel, I would appreciate you sharing this link to the open Cloud Risk Analyst at the University of Wisconsin Madison.   Any additional questions can be directed to me!  THANK YOU!!

    Patti Havlicek

    Asst. Director Cybersecurity - Risk Management & Compliance (RMC)

    [email protected]


    Patti Havlicek
    Assoc Director Cybersecurity - RMC
    University of Wisconsin - Madison