Blockchain/ Distributed Ledger

  • 1.  Meeting Minutes - Sept 23

    Posted Sep 23, 2020 11:43:00 AM
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    Use Cases

    • Looking for real examples of successful implementations of blockchain and DLT with sufficient details
    • Please contribute directly to document or submit use cases to Kurt [email protected]


    Model Tools Discussion for Security Controls Checklist

    Different components to consider

    • Drawing vs data base tool
    • Ability to collaborate on document/image?
    • How quickly can you get up and running?
    • Can you export it into an image?
    • Does it do threat enumeration?
    • Next steps:
      • Urmila will try a run thru with ThreatDragon, try stride
      • Kurt will be creating a posting about all the information discussed


    Discussion of timeline up to now and in the future - see recording for full details

    Hillary Baron CCSK v4
    Program Manager, Research
    Seattle WA