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Request for Lead Authors for 2021 DLT CSA WG PAPERS

  • 1.  Request for Lead Authors for 2021 DLT CSA WG PAPERS

    Posted Dec 02, 2020 10:06:00 AM

    Dear Friends,

    2020 Has been a tough year for most of us.

    We've had to work longer hours, deal with a once in a lifetime pandemic & take care of our families.

    Inspite of all this; the CSA Blockchain community continued to step up and do wonderful work!

    For that on behalf of the entire CSA DLT WG Leadership Team(Jim, John, Hillary, Shamun, Kurt, Bill, Jyoti & myself);a VERY BIG THANK YOU!

    You all motivate us to keep working hard to produce actionable content for the global cybersecurity community.

    In the same spirit we are  issuing a call for Lead Authors for some of the papers we would like to work on in 2021.

    Request for Lead Authors for 2021 DLT CSA WG PAPERS - Google Sheets

    1)Successful use cases in DLT/Blockchain version 3.0
    2)Blockchain for Secure Iot version 2.0
    3)Impact of GDPR & similar compliance regimes on Blockchain implementations

    The First two papers on the list; will be updates of older papers we had previously published through the CSA DLT Working Group.The Lead Authors will first need to review the older published papers & then see if there are improvements that can be made in them or go for fresh content altogether.

    In the case of the Successful use cases paper;we will be keeping the same format(UCL 1,UCL 2...UCL 6) of the two older papers.

    In the event; you are interested in working on another paper(outside the Three I have listed here);please add the name of the topic & add your email below it in the next column on the same excel sheet.

    Thanking You & Wishing all of you & your families a wonderful New Year 2021 !!!


    Blockchain WG


    For further clarification email [email protected]

    Ashish Mehta