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Meeting Minutes - September 22 2021

  • 1.  Meeting Minutes - September 22 2021

    Posted Sep 22, 2021 11:40:00 AM
    Announcement from DTCC: 
    DTCC is looking for folks to engage in a discussion with their Security Operations Center on the topic of monitoring production DLT-based applications. Specifically, they would like to talk with individuals who have already engaged in such projects and are willing to share any lessons learned.  This wouldn't be an ongoing effort, but a discussion. Please reach out to Jyoti or Bill if you're interested.

    CSA Announcements

    Security Controls Checklist Updates

    Changes to project

    • Had to reposition as Corda went through some updates
    • Scope changes - additions and removals 

    Current Status 

    • Ongoing
      • Deploying enterprise Corda network in lab
    • Outstanding
      • Threat evaluation of business logic compromise
      • Vulnerability validation in lab
      • Documenting report
    • Started
      • Vulnerabilities validated by r3
      • Defining controls
      • Populating checklist


    • Oct 11 - Report finalized and all materials submitted for peer review
    • Nov 22 - Finalize the design and publication plan
    • Publishing in Dec

    Hillary Baron CCSK v4
    Program Manager, Research
    Seattle WA