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Meeting minutes: 11-May-2022 Monthly ERP Sec WG meeting

  • 1.  Meeting minutes: 11-May-2022 Monthly ERP Sec WG meeting

    Posted May 11, 2022 10:32:00 AM
    Edited by Shamun Mahmud May 11, 2022 10:36:04 AM

    ERP Security Working Group Meeting Minutes 

    Meeting date: 11-May-2022

    Attendees - 

    Mike Miller, Juan-Pablo Perez-Echtegoyen, Shamun 

    Agenda -

    1) Discuss Comment Resolution (Top-20 Critical Controls Implementation for ORCL Fusion) 

    2) Topics for future publications

    Meeting Link - Recording:


    CSA Updates - 

    Discussed the CXO Summit at RSA.  Registration link: https://www.csasummitrsac.com/event/44926c47-de59-477b-9a82-6eabb68b7c30/summary


    1. Comment resolution.  All Peer Review comments have been resolved.  
      1. Next steps
        1. Have CSA PMO submit finalized doc to Design Team.  
        2. Have CSA Design dictate publication date to Research Team
        3. Have PMO work with Marketing on publication announcement

    1. Topics for next paper
      1. Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) - REVISION
        1. Original document released (05-April-2021)
        2. New security methodology due to new vulnerabilities
        3. This will be a Major update and re-write
    2. Future CSA analyst - TBD

    AOB (All other Business)

    Closing remarks

    G-drive link for these meeting minutes: 

    Shamun Mahmud
    Sr. Research Analyst
    Cloud Security Alliance