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Meeting Minutes, 28th August 2019

  • 1.  Meeting Minutes, 28th August 2019

    Posted Nov 27, 2019 06:07:00 PM
    Hi all,

    Here are the meeting minutes for the call yesterday.

    • JP
    • Victor
    • Michael Roza
    • Fredrik Pihl

    • Publishing SAP Controls Implementation in 2 parts
      • Working group will publish 10 controls in each part
      • First part will include control domains Cloud ERP Data, Integrations, Business Processes and Cloud ERP Application (APP01, APP02 and APP03).
      • Fredrik and JP will work on completing DAT01 (Continuous Monitoring)
    • Verifying Controls Implementation in S4 Hana instance
      • JP to set up a S4 Hana instance on the next call to verify technical implementation details of the first 
      • Victor and JP to sync up before the next call to sort out any outstanding details or logistics
    • SAP Security Seminar 
      • Working group to attempt to set up a seminar session for Enterprise User Council
      • Victor to work on survey with JP to gauge target audience
      • Content angle: Sneak peak into the Top 20 critical controls implementation
      • What do they do? What is the target audience?
    Let me know if I missed anything out. Thanks.


    Victor Chin
    Aug 28 · Notified 125 people