Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Meeting Minutes: 15-March-2020

  • 1.  Meeting Minutes: 15-March-2020

    Posted Mar 24, 2020 09:42:00 PM
    Edited by Todd Edison Apr 22, 2020 08:57:55 AM
    Hi all,

    Thanks for joining the last call.

    Michael Roza
    Shamun Mahmud

    SAP Controls Implementation Part 2
    • JP to harmonize inputs for the remaining content in SAP Controls Implementation Part 2
    • Once content development is done, JP to set up an instance to verify implementation for controls in the Part 2 document (S4 HANA)
    • JP to connect with Systems Integrators (SIs) and SAP 
    • Tentative timeline:  Send to Peer Review after JP harmonizes comments 
    Other Business
    • Shamun to coordinate SFDC discussion between JP and Sai Honig
    • Next meeting discuss whether the next document is Oracle or SFDC

    Let me know if I missed anything out. I look forward to working with all of you!


    Shamun Mahmud
    Senior Research Analyst
    Bothell WA