Meeting Minutes 10th February 2022

  • 1.  Meeting Minutes 10th February 2022

    Posted Feb 22, 2022 06:17:00 AM
    The Serverless working group met for the first call of the new circle of actions for 2022.

    Different topics were discussed regarding what the next steps should be as
    - Identification of common gaps when deploying in serverless
    - another deeper approach like the DevOps WG pillars (on IAM techniques e.g. etc.)
    - Runtime Detection (threats, vulnerabilities, PureSec, etc.)

    It was finally decided that the next step for the WG will be to map the serverless controls to NIST SSDF.

    Action items:
    • Aradhna to provide a template for mapping the controls in high level categories
    • @MADHAV CHABLANI to assist with mapping based on previous experience from CCM mapping
    • @Brynna Nery to provide a paragraph describing her suggestion on the DevOps pillars example.
    • @Vishwas Manral to provide an update/review of the Serverless charter document for 2022.​
    • All authors of the 'Serverless for Execs' document to finalize the peer review comments in their respective sections.

    Next working group call:
    Thursday, 24th February 2022
    Time: 09:00 am. PST / 12:00 p.m. EST / 17:00 GMT / 18:00 CET
    URL: ​  (Meeting ID: 986 8142 0926)

    Kind regards,

    Marina Bregkou,
    Senior Research Analyst,