New WG call on 23rd of September!!!

  • 1.  New WG call on 23rd of September!!!

    Posted Sep 14, 2021 04:00:00 AM
    Happy SECtember week!!!!!

    The Serverless working group is resuming its work on Thursday the 23rd of September.

    Agenda is as follows:

    • Serverless working group new circle of actions.

    • We have in queue the new 'Serverless Computing for execs' paper.
    • Quick paper, 5 pages , mostly an extract from the big paper. 
    • Goal to finish it before Thanksgiving 
    • Please bring your ideas on what topic/paper you want the working group to develop next.
    • Open call for authors

    To connect on the call:

    Meeting ID: 986 8142 0926

    Enjoy SECtember!
    Kind regards,