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Corda Enterprise 4.8 - Architecture Security Report

  • 1.  Corda Enterprise 4.8 - Architecture Security Report

    Posted Dec 30, 2021 07:32:00 AM
    Just released! This report from our Blockchain/Distributed Ledger Working Group aims to address blockchain security concerns such as privacy, confidentiality, integrity, and availability by examining the risks of the blockchain framework Corda Enterprise 4.8. Specifically, we analyzed the implementation of Corda 4.8 as a permissioned enterprise network for a cloud-based trade finance business. Download the report →

    In the accompanying Security Controls Checklist spreadsheet, we deliver a fully implementable security controls checklist for Corda 4.8 aligned with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. Download the checklist →

    #corda #blockchainsecurity #CyberSecurity

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