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Recap (and recording): SDP Zero Trust Working Group Kick-off Call (23-Sept-2020)

  • 1.  Recap (and recording): SDP Zero Trust Working Group Kick-off Call (23-Sept-2020)

    Posted Oct 14, 2020 11:34:00 AM

    The SDP Zero Trust Working Group (SDP ZT WG) had our relaunch call on September 23rd.  It was a highly subscribed call, with numerous  attendees that are new to Software Defined Perimeter (SDP).  

    Attached are - 
    1) Seminar recording, 
    2) Presentation slidedeck

    I wanted to thank all of the participants for attending and posing such relevant and timely questions.
    I would be remiss if I didn't thank our SDP ZT WG leadership team:
    1) Juanita Koilpillai
    2) Bob Flores
    3) Jason Garbis
    4) Junaid Islam

    Thanks and best,

    ps: As a refresher, below is the original Circle announcement for the Kickoff call:
    Zero Trust InfoSec initiatives are gaining traction for many global enterprises. Since 2014, CSA's Software Defined Perimeter architecture has been widely recognized as the optimal engine to achieve Zero Trust for many government agencies and enterprises such as Coca-Cola, Mazda, Starbucks and other enterprises.

    Is your enterprise considering a leadership role in the future of Zero Trust or seeking solutions to implement Zero Trust and address your IAM security challenges? If so, we invite you to identify participants to join the SDP Zero Trust initiative kick-off call Sept 23rd. To see the kick-off call agenda and register please visit:

    Here are a few helpful links to get you started with CSA's technical resources form the SDP working group: 

    Software Defined Perimeter Working group Overview

    SDP and Zero Trust (High level powerpoint presentation)

    SDP and Zero Trust (Deeper dive position paper)

    Please don't miss this unique opportunity to collaborate with our SDP subject matter experts to align your security posture, align to consensus-driven best practices and proudly improve your company or personal brand by contributing thought leadership. 

    Shamun Mahmud
    Standards Officer, Sr. Research Analyst
    Cloud Security Alliance