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A CSA Lab / Research request from the Danish Chapter: Who can help with a SDP / ZT (EX) field test

  • 1.  A CSA Lab / Research request from the Danish Chapter: Who can help with a SDP / ZT (EX) field test

    Posted Jun 14, 2021 04:39:00 PM
    Hi all,

    Hope we can attract some interest. We launched a very unique 'Virtual Private Connectivity' solution 6 months ago, and we need your help / some help. 
    This solution provides access to any IT-resource, service, application and/or data residing anywhere private/hybrid and/or public cloud. The solution offer full double encryption end-to-end, encapsulate users (included in the perimeter) and is supporting unmatched mobility, agility and scalability. There are no out-of-the-box dependencies to any 3rd party point security solution ... no need for VPN, Certificates or any x.509, IPSec, TLS/SSL etc - no need for PIM/PAM, IAM, DLP, CASB etc. - although if you have a large organisation, and IAM is ideal and can integrate. Integration with AD, LDAP/Kerberos. Integrations with SIEMs and other infrastructure security solutions. Very little overhead - approx 7% - and a lot more throughput vs VPN. Firewalls, VPNs etc are static and often binary - which is not the case with ZafePass VPC. 

    The design has the SDP / ZT functions as well as eliminating TTPs and attackvectors - thus a changed attack vector landscape.

    We know from previous tests, scans, pen-test exercises that none had any effect - but we would like perform a few additional tests.

    For your participation, you will get the test-license for free. Thats the necessary Access Points (Proxy/Gateways) and a total of 25 clients. On top you we offer a 50% discount on all additional licenses, should you decide to continue with the solution. You or staffmembers will probably need to alocate a total of 15 hours for workshops, feed-back and reporting.

    Please get in touch via [email protected] or directly to me on [email protected] - and I will disclose more information.

    This is a research/lab exercise - operating out of the Danish CSA Chapter.

    Kind regards,


    Niels E. Anqvist