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Crypto Newsletter May 2022

  • 1.  Crypto Newsletter May 2022

    Posted May 09, 2022 07:05:00 PM
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    Our goal as the CSA Quantum Safe Security working group is to share information with you about current and future implications of quantum computing in all aspects, but specifically to those related to the discipline of security. It's to discuss questions such as, what are our adversaries doing now with our encrypted information to prepare it for a post- quantum world? What can we do now to pre- pare for these current and on-going attacks as well as those looming in the not too distant future? Should I be worried or is there hope? If you're interested in an overview, hop over to articles 7 and 9 to get answers to these and other pressing questions you may have.

    Now that you have some background, you likely accurately surmised that the entire world is interest- ed in quantum computers for a variety of reasons and uses. One focus is for military advancement. Article 29 has information about how different nations are working together on this effort. Want a broader perspective of the "types" of problems quantum computers can solve? How about 10 of them? Article 39 outlines the top 10 problems that previously seemed difficult but with quantum computers will be relatively easy.

    What other articles did you find interesting? I'd love to discuss it with you so feel free to reach out. Happy reading!

    Crypto News is authored by Dhananjoy Dey with this editorial provided by Mehak Kalsi. Both are active members of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Quantum-Safe Security Working Group (QSS WG). The guiding principle of the QSS WG is to address key generation and transmission methods and to help the industry understand quantum-safe methods for protecting their networks and their data.

    Disclaimer. The QSS WG does not express an opinion on the validity of the ideas and the claims presented in the articles in this newsletter.

    Dhananjoy Dey