• 1.  Which SaaS components are built on IaaS?

    Posted May 06, 2020 02:43:00 PM
    Edited by Ryan Bergsma May 06, 2020 02:43:50 PM

    A user recently submitted the following question. What is the correct answer?

    "A quiz question in the CCSK self-paced course specifically asks which of the 5 boxes below are used to help build SaaS on top of IaaS and points you (when you hit the Review Question button) to the architecture description below as to where the answer should be. Personally I found the description to be fairly jumbled and non specific, so it's not clear (to me at least) what the specific answer is. All the boxes/options in the question except Notification services, are listed as components of IaaS and PaaS in the description, none are explicitly described as SaaS components.


    Listed as PaaS in the description

    Load balancers



    Listed as IaaS in the description

    Web servers

    App servers




    So it's not clear what is eliminated and what is included so the answer is not clear."



    Ryan Bergsma CCSK

  • 2.  RE: Which SaaS components are built on IaaS?

    Posted May 13, 2020 01:12:00 AM

    Like you, I tried to understand this fully.. The question isn't specific to an Iaas or PaaS component (at least from your text).. as it reads " which of the 5 boxes below are used to help build"... so I wouldn't confuse that its asking for specific SaaS components, just pick from the list what would build a final solution. As to teh final answer, i'm not 100% sure but it looks liek all of them... Coceptually for SaaS architecture it has 3 layers (Tiers) .. Database (Data Tier) , Application Server (Logic Tier) and Web browser (Presenattion Tier)... And yes I used google to assist ;) ...
    On teh DB Tier : Relational DB
    on the Application Tier : Application Auto Scale as well as Notification Service and Container Cluster... The NS and CC are teh engines for messages etc so they fall in this tier
    On teh Presenattion Tier: Webserver Autoscale group ( your user connections to the SaaS service)

    This is just my thinking on the question..

    What is teh self study source you're using?

    Kevin Stander
    Solution Architect

  • 3.  RE: Which SaaS components are built on IaaS?

    Posted Dec 17, 2020 03:42:00 PM

    Hi Ryan,

    In this question they are specifically asking in regards to  Infrastructure as a Service so the answers would be:

    Web Server auto scale group and Application Server autoscale group

    Hope this helps ! :) 

    Dario Masso
    Connectivity Analyst

  • 4.  RE: Which SaaS components are built on IaaS?

    CSA Instructor
    Posted May 14, 2020 06:20:00 AM

    In principle and in most cloud environments, you wouldn't be able to build a functional SaaS application without any of the 5 components listed in the question (in the screenshot). They are all important and you would use all of them.

    To answer that question, you need to look at the Cloud Reference Architecture Model in the Guidance document (Guidance v4, page 13). You want to select the SaaS components that are built on IaaS and can be mapped to the SaaS section of that Model.

    The guidance defines Relational Databases as PaaS components and Notification Services as PaaS features (but you could argue these 2 can also be IaaS components). Although they are essential in building a functional SaaS application , they are not SaaS components in the Model.

    The Web Server Auto Scale Group, the Application Server Auto Scale Group, and the Container Cluster are components you use to present your SaaS application to your SaaS users, and run and execute your SaaS application code in your IaaS environment. They are the SaaS components that you build on IaaS and can be mapped to the SaaS section of the Cloud Reference Architecture Model.

    Guillaume Boutisseau
    CCSK Authorized Instructor , CCSP

  • 5.  RE: Which SaaS components are built on IaaS?

    Posted May 14, 2020 05:12:00 PM
    Thank you for the clear explaination and details.

    Madhushan JK
    Freelancer and Researcher