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ATIS 5G Network Strategies Operator Survey

  • 1.  ATIS 5G Network Strategies Operator Survey

    Posted Mar 18, 2022 02:49:00 AM
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    Hi All,

    ATIS and its partners recently published 5G Network Strategies Operator Survey

    This report analyzes the results of the survey in the following thematic sections:
    • 5G radio access network (RAN) evolution
    • 5G core expansion
    • 5G and edge computing
    • 5G private mobile networks
    • 5G transport networks
    • 5G security

    The questionnaire received between 81 and 90 responses from individuals who self-identified as working for operators. Rogue, suspicious, and non-operator responses were removed. Technical, engineering, and network operations personnel from large operators in advanced markets account for the majority of the responses. The US is the dominant region with 41% of the responses; however, all major global regions are represented.

    5G Security
    Many mobile operators are now well into the execution phase of commercializing their 5G core and RAN networks. One of the key considerations in this execution process is the definition and implementation of the unique 5G security capabilities vital to support cloud-native services in centralized and edge cloud configurations.

    Key takeaways
    • Mobile operators, US operators especially, are confident that they have in place effective security strategies that will enable them to support and secure 5G services.
    • These strategies rely on several foundational capabilities to secure 5G infrastructure and devices. Leading the way here are "trusted hardware" (46%) and "identity and access management" (43%) for infrastructure security. Trusted hardware is also considered a critical component for securing edge infrastructure (48%) and even device endpoints (46%).
    • The survey respondents believe that as edge deployments scale, they will need to evolve their security strategies and focus on "policy compliance scanning" (66%), "implementing zero-trust principles" (59%), and "encryption of data at rest" (50%)

    Michael Roza CPA, CISA, CIA, MBA, Exec MBA