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  • 1.  IEC 62443

    CSA Instructor
    Posted Nov 09, 2021 04:01:00 PM

    I got a following question from a customer:
    Does the IoT Security Controls Framework Version 2 have some relation for the IEC 62443, like mapping, coverage, etc?
    Any suggestion for this question is fine for me.

        - Morozumi

    Masahiro Morozumi
    Executive Director
    CSA Japan Chapter

  • 2.  RE: IEC 62443

    Posted Nov 09, 2021 06:08:00 PM

    Hi Masahiro,

    We don't have a mapping to IEC 62443 yet.  It would be good to discuss adding this to our backlog for one of the next releases.  I'll add this to our agenda for our Thursday call.  It seems there would be value in creating a mapping.


    Brian Russell