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PLA WG call - March 2nd [Meeting Minutes]

  • 1.  PLA WG call - March 2nd [Meeting Minutes]

    Posted Mar 05, 2021 02:14:00 AM
    Dear members,
                          please find below a summary of the discussions that took place during our recent meeting.

    Agenda Items (AIs):

    1. Progress status check on the CCPA-GDPR Gap Analysis Activity and next steps
    2. AoB

    Participants (7):
    Martim T. Barata
    Paul Benedek
    Rishabh Gaikwad
    Lefteris Skoutaris (PM)
    Linda Strick
    Mariusz Trajfacki
    Mark Vinkovits


    Meeting Minutes (MMs): 

    1. Progress status check on the CCPA-GDPR Gap Analysis Activity and next steps
    • The team made a progress status check on the current assignments of the gap analysis exercise. Would like to thank Mark, Paul, Mariusz and Rishabh for the completion of all previous assignments,
    • New assignments (AP1):
      • Angell has been assigned: 86-101,
      • Mark assigned: 193-224,
      • Paul assigned: 225-248,
      • Rishabh assigned: 311-323 & 324-335,
      • Mariusz assigned: 335-352, 354-355, 357-359, 361,
      • Paul assigned: 363-374. 376,
    • Upon completion of the gap analysis the group will discuss the identified gaps with the co-chair Paolo and his team,
    • In the next phase of the mapping and after all gaps has been discussed and consensus within the group is met, the group is going to proceed with the comparison of the identified gaps and the PLA Code of Practice, essentially the set of privacy controls in the PLA CoC.

    Snapshot taken from 'progress status' tab of CCPA-GDPR mapping tool.

    2. AoB
    • Next call is scheduled for March 16th , 6 pm EEST (5 pm CET / 8 am PST / 11 am EST). 

    Action Points (APs)

    AP1: Professionals are kindly invited to complete the assigned tasks by our next call session on the 16th of March.

    Please let me know if anything essential is missed above from our meeting.
    Thank you again for your attendance and support.
    Best regards,

    Eleftherios Skoutaris
    Program Manager
    Cloud Security Alliance