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PLA WG call - July 6th [Meeting Minutes]

  • 1.  PLA WG call - July 6th [Meeting Minutes]

    Posted Jul 08, 2021 07:25:00 AM

    Dear members,
                               please find below a summary of the discussions that took place during our recent meeting.

    Agenda Items (AIs):

    1. Status update with the CCPA-GDPR mapping & gap analysis exercise
    2. AoB

    Relevant documentation:

    Participants (3):
    Martim T. Barata
    Mark Vinkovits
    Lefteris Skoutaris (PM)

    Meeting Minutes (MMs)
    1. Status update with the CCPA-GDPR mapping & gap analysis exercise
    • The CCPA-GDPR gap analysis activity has been successfully completed and the different gap levels (No/ Partial/ Full gaps) between the CCPA provisions and the GDPR were identified.
    • The co-chair team has suggested to use the findings of the gaps analysis exercise between CCPA-GDPR in order to kick-off the mapping and gap analysis between CCPA and the PLA CoC.
    • The 'No Gaps' that were identified between the CCPA and GDPR provisions are to be used to map to the equivalent PLA CoC control specifications (since these CCPA provisions are covered in GDPR, they will be surely covered by the PLA CoC, nevertheless we need to map them to the equivalent controls).
    • The 'Partial/Full Gaps' mean that CCPA brings additional requirements (deltas) on top of GDPR, and that these deltas need to be mapped against the PLA CoC in order to infer if the existing controls in the Code have to be extended or new ones created, in order for the PLA CoC to offer compliance to the CCPA as well.
    • Therefore, since the PLA CoC extends beyond the GDPR provisions, it was deemed appropriate to test these CCPA deltas against the extended requirements of the Code. 
    • The WG experts that wish to participate in this final mapping activity can access and become familiarized with the new CCPA - PLA_CoC Mapping Tool.
    • WG experts are kindly invited to join the next PLA WG call, when we are going to kick-off the CCPA - PLA CoC mapping activity.
      2. AoB
      • Next call is scheduled on July 20th, 6 pm EEST (5 pm CET / 8 am PST / 11 pm EST). 
      • For questions do not hesitate to reach out to Lefteris (PM).

      Action Points (APs)

      Thank you for your support.
      Best regards,

      Eleftherios Skoutaris
      Program Manager
      Cloud Security Alliance