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  • 1.  EU Draft Cyber Strategy

    Posted Dec 24, 2020 01:14:00 PM

    Hi All,

    On 16 December 2020, the European Commission and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy presented a new EU Cybersecurity Strategy.

    The finalization of the strategy is expected to take a few months.

    The Strategy covers the security of essential services such as hospitals, energy grids, and railways and an ever-increasing number of connected objects in our homes, offices, and factories, building collective capabilities to respond to major cyberattacks and working with partners around the world to ensure international security and stability in cyberspace. It outlines how a Joint Cyber Unit can ensure the most effective response to cyber threats using the collective resources and expertise available to the EU and the Member States.

    The new strategy aims to ensure a global and open Internet with strong safeguards where there are risks to security and the fundamental rights of people in Europe. Following the progress achieved under the previous strategies, it contains concrete proposals for deploying three principal instruments. These three instruments are regulatory, investment, and policy initiatives. They will address three areas of EU action:

    1. resilience, technological sovereignty, and leadership;
    2. operational capacity to prevent, deter and respond;
    3. cooperation to advance global and open cyberspace.

    Michael Roza CPA, CISA, CIA, MBA, Exec MBA