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  • 1.  CAIQ-Lite

    CSA Instructor
    Posted Mar 16, 2022 06:46:00 PM
    I am considering to create Japanese translated CAIQ-Lite and have the following questions:

    1. Do you have plan to create the CAIQ V4 based one?
    2. Do you have plan to include the CAIQ-Lite self-assessment into the STAR Register? Or any other method to provide the CAIQ-Lite assessment from the CSA website?
    3. How you select 76 controls from more than 300 controls in CAIQ? Do you have any priority of the selection?
    4. Do you have plan to translate the CAIQ-Lite to local languages, like Spanish, Chinese, etc?
    5. Do you have any documents which promote CAIQ-Lite?

    Please give me your advice.
    Note that I will get approval from CSA HQ when I translate CAIQ-Lite.

        - Morozumi

    Masahiro Morozumi
    Executive Director
    CSA Japan Chapter

  • 2.  RE: CAIQ-Lite

    Posted Mar 17, 2022 08:11:00 AM
    Edited by Eleftherios Skoutaris Mar 18, 2022 07:47:13 AM
    Hi Morozumi,
    Thank you for this initiative.
    Your questions are a great opportunity to provide more information on the whereabouts of this important CCMv3.0.1 component.
    Please see answers to your points right below.

    1. Yes. It is the current priority of CSA and the CCM leadership team the development of a CCM-Lite version based on CCMv4 (a CAIQv4-Lite would be then aligned).
    2. No. Please notice that CCMv3.0.1 is to be withdrawn "soon", January 2023. Plan is for CCM/CAIQv4 to completely replace CCM/CAIQv.3.0.1 (see transition table in the former link).
    3. More information on this question can be found here and here.
    4. There is no such planning. The upcoming withdrawal of CCMv3.0.1 might have played a substantial part to the absence of such a plan. We have though published the translation of CAIQv3.0.1 in 10 languages. (Hint: Correspondences of English and translated versions -CAIQv3.0.1 to CAIQv3.0.1-Lite- should be easily derived).
    5. Yes, same as in 3.

    Always eager to strengthen our collaboration and thank you and the Japan Chapter for helping us publish the translation in Japanese of both CCMv4.0 and CAIQv4.0.

    Best regards,

    Eleftherios Skoutaris
    Program Manager
    Cloud Security Alliance