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Microsoft's Project Freta, a jump to effective SECaaS

  • 1.  Microsoft's Project Freta, a jump to effective SECaaS

    Posted Jul 09, 2020 05:46:00 PM
    Microsoft has made a huge move in realm of SECaaS (Security as a Service). Precisely, in the domain of Memory Forensics.
    It has released Project Freta, a cloud based automated solution for acquiring memory images of VMs in real time and performing forensics in a cost effective and timely manner.

    They have made claims for detecting "novel" rootkits and malware. Primarily, those malwares which reside in memory undetected using anti-forensics techniques. Now, the project Freta will catch them using, as I say, anti -anti forensic techniques.

    I had few reservations on the news but reading Microsoft's announcement (which is well written however, I still have reservations on their "Project Freta's four properties of trusted sensing") for the project has made me realize it's potential and future impact. I would love to see how it will grow and make other Cloud corporations to level up on their SECaaS.

    Read the announcement here:

    It is an interesting read also for those who are not so familiar with the topic. I would also like to know what you think about it.

    Javariya Aamir
    Software Engineer
    Cybersecurity Enthusiast