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Coffee with CISOs: COVID's Impact on Medical Device Security

  • 1.  Coffee with CISOs: COVID's Impact on Medical Device Security

    Posted May 17, 2021 04:52:00 AM
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    rThreat would like to invite you to episode eleven of Coffee with CISOs, a webinar series where we sit down with CISOs and cybersecurity experts from various industries for a fireside chat.

    Our guest for this episode is Stephanie Domas, Director of Cybersecurity Strategy and Communications at Intel. Stephanie is a cybersecurity leader and ethical hacker, specializing in medical device security. She has spent more than 13 years performing reverse engineering, vulnerability discovery, and cyber forensics for medical device development. Together we will be discussing the impact COVID has had on medical device security. With the rise of the pandemic, hospitals and care facilities had to quickly adapt to an increase in patients and new social distancing guidelines. Join us to learn more about how this rapid change effected medical device connectivity and what that means for security.

    To learn more, register for our webinar on Friday, May 21 at 10:00 AM PST. Bring your favorite drink (doesn't have to be coffee) and take a quick break to learn more about:

    - How advances in medical technology impacts legacy systems
    - The impact new COVID regulations have had on medical device security
    - How security professionals in the healthscare space must address this increase in connected medical devices

    Tatev Simonian
    Business Development Representative