Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) Expert Group

ZTA Expert Group Meeting Minutes 11/09

  • 1.  ZTA Expert Group Meeting Minutes 11/09

    Posted Nov 10, 2021 03:20:00 PM
    Edited by Reza Safari Nov 10, 2021 03:21:21 PM

    Hello all,

    Thank you for the thoughtful discussion yesterday. The meeting minutes have been updated and can be found here:

    The recording for this meeting and future meetings can be found in the Library of the ZTA SME Circle group, along with the meeting agenda PowerPoints, minutes, and other relevant ZTA artifacts, such as the charter.

    All Modules for the ZTA Training as well as the ZTA Glossary can be found here:

    As a reminder, small groups have started up again. Each of you should've already been assigned to one and invited via a calendar invite. If you did not receive a calendar invite or if you are not assigned to a team please let us know.

    Team 1Tuesday 9am-10am (PT): Module 3 - Traditional Architecture Challenges Addressed by SDP

    Team 2Wednesday 2pm-3pm (PT): Module 5 -  SDP Architectures and Implementation Approaches

    Team 3: Thursday 8am-9am (PT): Module 4 - SDP Key Features and Technologies

    Action Points (APs):

    1. 1.3.3- Objective of the eXtended framework

      1. Assigned to all, please have an opinion on this section to keep or move it by 11/11. Daniele proposes we do not need this section anymore because the content is already covered elsewhere in the training.

    2. 1.7.2- Micro-segmentation

      1. Assigned to Lauren to work on it by 11/10. 

    3. 1.5.2- Risks of Project Implementation

      1. Assigned to Leon for review and fix wording on this section by 11/12. 

    4. Review the outline doc. for M1-6

      1. Assigned to all, by 11/16.


      3. This doc attempts to show more clearly, what is the vision for 1-6 modules.

    5. Assigned to all, if you have not already, please read the SDP Spec v2 and Architecture Guide attached by 11/16. 

      1. This will be crucial for writing M3-6.

    6. Assigned to all, if you have not already please review M2, introduction to SDP by 11/16.

      1. This was written using the Architecture Guide and SDP Spec v1 doc.

    7. Assigned to all, if you would like your profile picture and name displayed on the CSA website for any research publications you helped create, please also fill out this form with your headshot & bio:

    Reza Safari
    Training administration intern