Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) Expert Group

ZTA Expert Group Meeting Minutes 3/15

  • 1.  ZTA Expert Group Meeting Minutes 3/15

    Posted Mar 16, 2022 02:00:00 PM

    Hello all,

    Thank you for the thoughtful discussion yesterday. The meeting minutes have been updated and can be found here: 

    The recording for this meeting and future meetings can be found in the Library of the ZTA SME Circle group, along with the agendas/ meeting minutes, and other relevant ZTA artifacts, such as the charter. The Circle group is invite-only, so if you do not have access to this group, please let us know ASAP and we can get that resolved. 

    All Modules for the ZTA Training as well as the ZTA Glossary can be found here:

    Note: The SDP_Architecture_Guide pdf is attached below and please find the SDP Spec 2 link below (keep in mind this is not publicly published yet). Please read both artifacts as well as modules 1-4 to get a good concept of the ZTA/SDP training.

    SDP Spec v2 Draftcan be found here:

    ZTA/ZT/SDP Resources Folder

    Action Points (APs):

    1. Course Introduction, Course Structure

      1. Leon, please continue working on those sections by 3/22. 

    2. 4.1 SDP Components and Communication Flows & 4.1.1   SDP Components

      1. Rich Lee, would you please continue working on those sections by 3/22.

    3. Gateway

      1. Heinrich, would you please continue working on this section by 3/22.

      2. Prasad, would you please cite an example where the gateway (L3)/AH (L7) are part of SDP architecture, and where there is just Layer 3 or Layer 7. by 3/22

    4. 4.4 SDP Planning /Designing Considerations

      1. Leon was assigned to move this section either at the bottom or it shouldn't be questions and responses but follow numbered/bulleted statements as "Planning /Designing Considerations" by 3/22. 

    5. Sanjeev, would you please clearly define the pre-requisites (minimum requirement) from TLS standpoint (i.e. use of TLS 1.3 or TLS 1.2). Use of TLS 1.3 would delay the acceptance of SDP/ZT for organizations globally that have no plan/roadmap to move to TLS 1.3 or are struggling to move to TLS 1.3 because of changes required in the code of applications by 3/22. 

    6. Leon was assigned to move the entire "SDP Communication Flows" part to 4.2 "Onboarding, Authentication, and Authorization" by 3/22.

    7. Assigned to all, please review module 4 by 3/22.

    8. Assigned to all, call for Module 3 and Module 4 quiz questions

      1. Quiz question folder added to volunteer folder so you all can see each other's questions/ see examples:


      2. Quiz question audit:


      3. Item form:


      4. Item guidelines:


    Reza Safari
    Training administration intern