Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) Expert Group

ZTA Expert Group Meeting Minutes 10/19

  • 1.  ZTA Expert Group Meeting Minutes 10/19

    Posted Oct 19, 2021 12:43:00 PM
    Hello all,

    Thank you for the thoughtful discussion today. The meeting minutes have been updated and can be found here:

    The recording for this meeting and future meetings can be found in the Library of the ZTA SME Circle group, along with the meeting agenda PowerPoints, minutes, and other relevant ZTA artifacts, such as the charter.  

    MODULE 1 - ZTA Training can be found here:

    For the other modules and ZTA Glossary find the docs here in the ZTA EG folder:

    Action Points (APs):

    1. Unit 1.5 

      1. Heinrich will finish making a structure of this content by EOD today. Open for comments ASSIGNED to everyone  in order to finalize by 10/26.

    2. Unit 1.7.5

      1. & Vani added content. ASSIGNED to Agnidipta Sarkar to review by 10/26

    3. Unit 1.7.6

      1. Used Junaid's comment from email thread on 5G use case for mitigation section. 

      2. Take risks mentioned in that mitigation section and put them in risk section and review limitations and dependencies section. ASSIGNED to Agnidipta Sarkar by 10/26

    4. Look for and reply to the email asking for your feedback on the details of restarting the small groups

    5. Add to the ZTA glossary doc

    6. Optional: Sign up for the webinar: Zero-Trust: From Buzzword-land to Wake-up-and-do-your-homework Presented by Daniele Catteddu 10/20/2021 


    7. Optional: SDP Specification v2.0 is looking for feedback. Sign up through the SDP & ZT Circle group to review a section/comment. Contact Shamun or Jason with any questions.

    8. Optional: SDP & ZT working group next meeting will be Nov. 3rd. Open to the public (Link will be on scheduled events calendar)

    Jenna Morrison
    Training Department Intern
    Cloud Security Alliance