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    Posted Mar 09, 2022 05:21:00 PM

    Hello all, 

    Today, the CSA announced a new marketing initiative, the Zero Trust Advancement Center:

    This new initiative provides a single place within the CSA to find content developed by both our SDP and Zero Trust Working Group, and the Zero Trust Architecture Expert Group led by the CSA's CTO office.

    You can read the press release here

    As the SDP and Zero Trust Working Group, we're a key part of this initiative, and look forward to continuing our work researching, publishing, and contributing substantial documents and concepts to the information security industry. Note that the mission for this working group remains unchanged – we're going to continue to focus on promoting and expanding the awareness and adoption of Zero Trust as a modern and necessary approach to security.

    Thanks to all of you for your support and contributions. We've accomplished a lot in the past year or so, including whitepapers on SDP and Zero Trust, and the forthcoming SDP and DNS research, and v2 of the SDP Specification. And, we have just kicked off our new Zero Trust Maturity Model Initiative, which is generating a lot of interest.

    Thanks, and I look forward to continued collaboration with all of you on future Zero Trust and SDP deliverables.

    Jason Garbis, CISSP
    Co-Chair, SDP Zero Trust Working Group
    Chief Product Officer, Appgate
    Author: Zero Trust Security: An Enterprise Guide