Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) Expert Group

ZTA Expert Group Meeting Minutes 12/14

  • 1.  ZTA Expert Group Meeting Minutes 12/14

    Posted Dec 14, 2021 02:38:00 PM

    Hello all,

    Thank you for the thoughtful discussion today. The meeting minutes have been updated and can be found here: 

    NOTE: Module 3 has been updated with Daniele's suggested text and is highlighted in yellow. Please review the new unit 3.2 and the Dynamic Firewall section in 3.4.

    The recording for this meeting and future meetings can be found in the Library of the ZTA SME Circle group, along with the agendas/ meeting minutes, and other relevant ZTA artifacts, such as the charter. The Circle group is invite-only, so if you do not have access to this group, please let us know ASAP and we can get that resolved. 

    All Modules for the ZTA Training as well as the ZTA Glossary can be found here:

    As a reminder, small groups have started up again. Each of you should've already been assigned to one and invited via a calendar invite. If you did not receive a calendar invite or if you are not assigned to a team please let us know.

    Note: Team 1 and Team 3 were merged and Team 1 will join Team 3's call on Thursdays. There will be no Team 1 call on Tuesdays moving forward.

    Team 2: Wednesday 2pm-3pm (PT): Module 4 -  SDP Architectures and Implementation Approaches

    Team 1/3: Thursday 8am-9am (PT): Module 3 - SDP Key Features and Technologies

    Action Points (APs): 

    1. 3.1.1- The Shifting Perimeter Challenge

      1. Leon was assigned to work on this section, break it into subsections, and give them names by 12/21. 

      2. Jake Kline will work on this section by 12/21.

      3. Matthew Meersman, please address your analogy comments for this section by 12/21.

        1. We need to continue the analogy to show how a bad actor defeats the security implementation.

        2. Sentence 3 translates analogy to networking. Sentences 4 and 5 change to threat description.

    2. Limitations of the "Connect First, Authenticate Second" Model

      1. Matthew Meersman will continue work on this section by 12/21. 

      2. Also, please add text for the introduction of this section.

    3. Access before Authentication

      1. Matthew Meersman, please rewrite to include physical building analogy and stay at a consistent level.

    4. Broad Network Connectivity & Exposure

      1. Matthew Meersman, would you please review those sections for structure and make sure it defines the limitations, not the solutions, by 12/21.

    5. Traditional Firewall Architecture Shortcomings

      1. Matthew Meersman, would you please continue your work in this section by 12/21.

    6. 3.2- Hiding of Infrastructure

      1. Michael Roza and Prasad were assigned to review this section

    7. 3.3- Mutual transport Layer Authentication

      1. Heinrich was assigned to review this section by 12/21.

    8. 3.4- The Access Model Based on the Principles of Least Privilege and Need to Know

      1. Michael Herndon was assigned to review this section by 12/21.

    9. 3.5.1-Access Management Monitoring and 3.5.2- Access Management Review

      1. Jake Kline, please continue to work on those sections and add text by 12/21.

    10. 3.6- Identity & Access Management

      1. IAM team= Henrich, Remo, and Micheal Herndon will work on this unit by 12/21.

        1. They would start an email thread and would work on unit 3.6 and its sections 3.6.1-3.6.3

    11. 3.7- Separately Tunneled Layer Access

    a.CSA was assigned to review unit 3.7 and consolidate text into unit 3.3. and 3.4 and then delete by 12/21.

    Reza Safari
    Training administration intern